Thursday, April 24, 2008

You Go Boy!

This past Monday my hubby got himself all gussied up, even ironed a shirt(!), and went around to local nurseries hawking our plants. Those of you who know Mark are stunned aren't you. He is so quiet and unassuming most of the time. But he sure enough did it and made a sale! It's about $100 or so...but more important it's a new customer.

This means we aren't quite so dependent on my paying job to buy plants. He is still balking at going to First Monday, I think it's because we would only be able to sell 2 out the 5 days. Maybe later we can do the whole week. I have to deliver the plants today-he got called in to work today.

You would think I would be better at Sales (I am when they come to me) but to just walk in to another nursery and ask for them to buy my plants...makes me cringe. I'll try to work up the nerve to visit a few more places. Wish me luck!

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