Saturday, April 12, 2008

Say What?!?

It has been one hellacious week at the paying job. I had some old fart scream at me that I was trying to screw him (HMMM, not even with a tubful of margaritas). Another lady was ticked that I didn't have her plants re-potted when she popped by (maybe call first?), and she wasted her gas coming out.

Then there are the nut jobs who call to ask for an estimate on landscaping their yards....over the phone. Because I can see through the phone to look at their yard. The old lady who calls about her plant that's dying, it's green with leaves (that's specific). Or the woman who makes me pull every ligustrum shrub out because they need to be perfectly matched in height. Does she not think they will grow? Trust me, a 1/2 inch difference doesn't ruin the symmetry of the house!!!

One call made me giggle all day:
A lady called from that bank asking for the bookkeeper. Sheila was tied up so I took a message. "Can I get your name?" " My name is Shawanna West. That's W-E-S-T." Really. Out of those two names you felt compelled to spell west for me?!

Does everyone now understand why AJ and I don't like people?

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Kjirsten said...

OMG the stupids have left Oz and invaded Texas!!! I'm so sorry I didn't realise our brand of DUH was contagious!!!! Hope your week improves!!!