Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Visitors of the Family Kind

I know I have been slacking on my posts. A lot. But I had an excuse this weekend. My brother Bryant and his wife Sylwia (and the kids) came to visit. They are actually considering moving out this way and came to survey the land. I think Sylwia would have stayed and never gone back after a weekend of indulging in garage sales, flea markets, and playing in the dirt.

I think the kids liked it too. Matthew, AKA "Fat Boy", was all over the yard. He ran as fast as those fat little legs would carry him. Jacob had a ball hanging out with the teenagers and Katie worked in the greenhouse too. I think there is a Jr. Greenthumb in her!

First Monday, which is a huge flea market in our area that is held during the first monday of every month was a little slow due to the rainy weather but that did not stop Sylwia. I finally quit paying for my own things and let her do all the talking. She is the best haggler-I guess it's her european upbringing but she can talk people down to a ridiculous pittance.

They left this morning and I have to say the place is much quieter-between their kids and my menagerie it was constant chaos...but it was a ton of fun!

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