Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pins And Needles

It's springtime and sales are picking up! I've sold all my available sedums and it seems like I'm taking in perennials to sell every other day. Of course we are spending the money we make as fast as we can on more plants and supplies. We just ordered $1000 worth of soil so I can pot up the 10,000 cuttings I rooted and bought. The soil hits the property thursday and life as we know it will change forever. I will be working after my paying job until dark every night. I'm excited and a little freaked out.
The big expenses are done for a little while and I'm hoping that the sales for the next month or so will at least put gas in my car. We are spending $400 a month in gas. What the hell!?! I can remember freaking out when gas hit $1/gallon. If only I had known how great that was...

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