Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sometimes The Best Presents Come After Christmas

Today was a good day. I had to work but the weather was nice, the coffee was good and the company was enjoyable. My friend Phyllis brought me a belated Christmas present-A book on Cookie decorating!

I made everyone cookie baskets for Christmas and had the best fun! I think they were a hit, no one has any left. I used recipes out of a 2006 Martha Stewart cookie magazine. They were pretty dang good if I say so myself. Anyway the cookie book is awesome! If I figure out scan and upload the image I will post it. I may make Valentines cookies. I resolved to eat healthier this year but it ain't happenin' so far.

My resolutions for 2008 are:
1. Get Organized
2. Eat Healthy (Oh well)
3. Commit to my business
4. Work on finishing my degree

My new business is a nursery that sells wholesale and retail. Of course this will be my first selling season. We have fabulous looking sedums and are working on perennials. My goal is to have a nursery that will support my family. This includes Mom, Dad, my brother Bryant, my sis-in-law Sylwia, and Phyllis. After that the kids can work when they are old enough. I work for a retail nursery now but I am so ready to run my own place. I have ideas for improvement but some people live in their own bubble. Therefore, I plan to be the BIC (Bitch in Charge) at my own nursery.

I only have four classes to get my degree but life keeps getting in the way. I usually do better when I'm over extended so hopefully I can make it happen. They are boring management and finance classes-and Physics! The bane of my school career!

Speaking of eating healthy... I hear Lemon Poppy Seed cookies calling my name!


Anonymous said...

Kim I am so excited for you & yor new business. Good things are coming your way! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you, like certain plants that you may want to get your hands on.....


Anonymous said...

BIC, eh? Thats the only way to be. Do it to it, Kimbo (hehe)

Big Daddy