Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lordy,Lordy, I Guess I'm 40

Had my 40th birthday a few days ago.....nothing special. My parents are the having a hard time with it. My dad sends a card telling me "One more year until the big one!" Sorry Dad, already there. It must be bad when your so old your family can't remember your age. Mom hates my birthday since I'm the oldest, cuz' then she can't fudge her age. Why bother?My stepdad started reminiscing and getting sappy. OMG! Wait until I'm dead. Please!

My friend Phyllis took me out to lunch and then we went antiqueing. Perfect day for me. I found a few treasures to restore. No presents from the kids although my youngest handed me the Starbuck's coffee ice cream and a spoon and said "Happy Birthday". I'll settle for that. My oldest did cook dinner for me...after I made him feel bad for not even acknowledging the happy day. I'm not really sure if the hubby even said anything. I'm not surprised though. If you don't prep him for a few weeks it just won't happen.

Almost forgot, my little sister called me an old hag for birthday. It's tradition, very heartwarming. That's okay, people always ask which one of us is the oldest. That would be me by nine years and it just pisses her off. Hee-Hee

I far as I can tell, 40 feels just like any other age. It just takes a little longer to get rolling in the morning... and an extra cup of coffee. Which I'm in desperate need of at the moment. Now, where is my walker?!


Anonymous said...

U be bustin some fat rhymes in ur title!!!

-Orangutan Man (lol)

Beth said...

40 HA!! There is NO way we are 40 or close to being there ? :-)
We are certinally not older....just wiser. I Love this blog thing....its just pidiful when you have to chatch up with friends this way...but glad yous started to ya soon