Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monkey Crepe!

Mr. Plantfreak and I went to Canton Trade Days this weekend to pay for our booth for next month. John the camo guy actually rents our space and we sublet from him. Since other people want to rent from him we decided it was better to pay every month and keep our spot than to chance someone else moving in. Although John is super nice and would probably hold the spot anyway.

I think it was literally hotter than Hell out there! I felt bad for the vendors, because it was a ghost town out there.

We were starving when we got there and decided to eat at the food court area. The Monkey Crepe Cafe was the choice for the day and it was a great one! I had a Greek gyro, and Mr. Plantfreak had a Club sandwich. He claims it is the perfect meal because you get everything stuffed in a sandwich. But the crepes...OMG the crepes! Strawberry crepes with bavarian cream and whipped cream. You just cannot imagine. Last time I had the Chocolate banana crepe, and it was just friggin' insane! And they are huge too! One person cannot eat the whole thing and feel good about themselves. So, if you get one, You must share with a friend! Just thinking about it makes me hungry for one!


What I really think... said...

Sounds like the food made it worth being out and about for the day. Great... Now thanks to all the food talk I want something sweet. Off to the kitchen for baking I go!!! Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting sounds good with a cup of coffee...yes this is what i'll be making but damned that crepe sounds good :p

Plant Freak said...

I don't know ...now I have a carrot cake craving!

[™محد زولفکر] Zulfakar said...


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Anima Sharma said...

Yes now I have a carrot cake craving....

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