Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Saga Of The Brilliant Idiot

So the brilliant idiot is my oldest son. Amazingly smart and could already own the world if he wanted to, but most of the time his head is firmly planted up his own ass.

First, he got a letter to go on an exhcange program opportunity that most kids never get. He passed the interview and was accepted. Except that he says he doesn't want to go. WTF! He has finally come to realize that he will in fact go, and it's useless to fight City Hall (by which I mean me). We are in the process of applying for a scholarship and (by which I mean me) and trying to think of ways to do fundraising for the trip (also me).

He just fights me every step of the way.

His school has a coffee shop (can you believe that?!) and I thought that he could sell muffins at the coffee shop to raise money. Supposedly he is going to talk to the teacher. Hmphh!

B.I. also got the opportunity to go to Stephen F. Austin on a field trip that is reserved for Seniors only. Want to know what impressed him the most? The freakin' cafeteria!

I honestly don't know how Gaga survived the three of us kids.

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