Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Matty is my 4 year old nephew. 'Fatboy' is his real name and chaos is his life mission. Fatboy stays with me on Mondays and Wednesdays while Dad is in school. As soon as the door shuts in the morning I hear "I'm hungry!" and is nonstop until the afternoon.

This is Fatboy eating some "pake", one of his favorite foods. "Wanwiches" are another favorite.

Uncle Plantfreak and I took Fatboy along with big brother and sister to the zoo for his birthday. It was a success!

Here are the kids feeding the birds in the zoo atrium. Can you see fatboy under my enormous purple booby? Uncle Plantfreak apparently did not notice...or maybe he did. Who knows what goes on in his demented brain.

Fatboy loves his "Aunt Timmy" most days. Something tells me today will not be one of them.

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