Monday, January 11, 2010

Bakery Delacious!

That's the name of my fantasy bakery. My friend Karen picked it out for me. If only.
In cake related news though, my friend Little Miss G asked me to do a cake for her son (his birthday is the 12th). He is an avid duck hunter so I made a duck hunting cake.

The ducks are flying everywhere!

Little Miss G works for Aflac, therefore, there was a need for the Aflac duck on the cake.
Can you see the gun coming out of the duck blind?

Man, there's a lot going on with this cake.

I hope he likes it!


Kjirsten said...

DO IT!!!! Open a cake it from home if that's what works, but do it!!! Do you do international?? DH wants a medieval hat cake for his birthday. True story!!

Rhonda said...

I agree!!! DO IT!!! You are so freaking talented!!!