Saturday, October 24, 2009

Makin' Cake

I've been boring my friends to death about cake decorating. My latest project is a SpongBob cake for my friend's 4 year old. I was freaking out because the proportions were wrong and I had tons of boo-boo's, and I ran out of ingredients several times...but in the end I think I can be pleased with it.
SpongeBob is pretty wonky though. Maybe it's his cousin SpongeBillyBob.

Patrick turned out the best. Of Course I melted the first one and dropped the second one, so third time is the charm!
I hope they like it. Mr. Plantfreak slammed the box into the car seat when he was loading it (par for the course), and I'm afraid to look at it. Cross your fingers it makes it to Dallas today!

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