Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm sorry I haven't blogged in awhile. Mom's death took the wind out of my sails. Mom had heart problems for years but this was such a shock to all of us. She went to bed on Saturday night and just never woke up. I miss her terribly. She was my mom but she was also one of my girlfriends. I have my adult friends, Vicki and Phyllis. I have my friends from high school like Rio, Rhonda, Tracy, and Beth, but Mom was always there.

I usually called her a few times a week...typically I ranted and raved about one thing or another, or told some gossip that I knew wouldn't be spread. She would bore me to tears with every little detail of her day. I still reach to call her sometimes.

I don't have any more to say other than I miss her so much. I feel like a little girl lost. If I didn't have the boys and the animals depending on me I don't think I would be sane right now. We made some memory boards for Mom's wake and found pictures of her over the years. I posted a few.

When I was little I was convinced that Mom was the Little Debbie girl. So you see, I was always a little weird.

Here's Mom in High School.

I think this is when Mom and Grandpa Sute were first married.

This was one Easter at my Uncle Glenn's house.

This is my grandmother Keo,MomThis, and Uncle Glen.,

We had a big family portrait made out by the beach and this is a shot of Gaga and Ol' Man

I love this picture of Mom and Cody and AJ.

This is one of the most recent pictures of Mom. She was giggling with old classmates. There's a bunch of her old schoolfriends that gets together for lunch once every couple of months.

Love you Gaga.


Kjirsten said...

Thinking of you xoxox

Tammy said...

I'm sorry that my very first comment is for such a sad post, but I wanted you to know that your mama is SO beautiful, and I am so sorry for your loss.