Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Friend Flicka, Er, Phyllis

I always want to say that when I talk about Phyllis. I know she isn't offended because she's a horse lovin' cowgirl anyway. I do call her Philly. Phyllis works at the insane asylum that is my paying job. One of the bright spots and my partner in crime. She's my partner in crime with the Garden Sage as well. She's always bringing me the cute littel containers that I pot up and sell on Etsy. Phyllis has also been working on some projects and brought them in to me to list on the web. They are the most aborable things ever!!!

This is a cake/cookie plate assembled from various garage sale and flea market finds. I just love it! She made another one as well but my crappy camera (operator!) didn't perform that well. I guess I need a new camera or lessons.These are a bit of garden silliness she dreamed up. I call them 'Glamour Gardener' aprons. She decorated some carpenter aprons and made them right girly. I think they are hilarious and I know there are people out there that will wear them proudly. In fact, they just might be part of our workwear at my nursery. Let me know what you think about any of these and if anyone is interested in purchasing them go to my Garden Sage shortcut at the right to get it.

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