Friday, May 16, 2008

Dreaming Big

Isn't it sad that our society has become an instant gratification based system? I am simultaneously proud of the fact that my little nursery can support itself (still no profit though) and impatient that I can't expand the way I want. I had my eye on 10 acres that was less than a mile from my house and on a busy highway. To me it was Nirvana. Unfortunately it is sale pending so an opportunity is lost for me.
I'm still dreaming big though. I have decided that the building I want is one of the Katrina Cottages. These were designs created after Hurricane Katrina to replace the colorful (falling down already) little shotgun houses that were destroyed (condemned) in the 9th ward (the hood). These designs are fabulous! No wasted space! I think it would make a great shop/office for the nursery. Actually I'm thinking that I wouldn't mind replacing my house with a Katrina cottage. Check out the website:

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Kjirsten said...

I want one!!!! do they deliver???