Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shut The Door!

I can't believe I made it to 44!  It really was an irrational fear that I would croak or get sriously ill at 43.  The McBride side of the family (AKA my Mom and her Dad) did not do well at that age.  Mom had her first heart attack, and apparently her Dad died of a heart attack at 43.  Something like that will totally screw with a head case like me.

Had a good day though, even though I spent the day in Cedar Creek Tx. at the Goodwill in that area.  That store is getting a new space and I think I turned ten shades of green with jealousy.  The store that was in that space previously was a Western Store and they left all their displays.  Interesting, no?

The powers that be at our Goodwill district have decided to go with all new displays that match the other stores that are getting renovated (Goodwill East Texas stores are getting facelifts).  I totally get that sentiment.   My store is not getting renovated yet...which means I drove my happy little ass down to Cedar Creek to plunder and scavenge.  I put in my dibs and I'm waiting to hear an answer.

Mr. Plantfreak and I have been planting seeds to get ready for Spring.  I'm so excited about that this year!  I think we have a hance to make some real money this year!  We are doing a ton of annual vines in addition to our regular crops.  Last year we did about 100 pots of vines and sold them all in 2 days.  I was totally flabbergasted at that!

The crew at work gave me a surprise lunch from my favorite little Italian lunch.  They are really a good group.  And I really love lasagna and the cheese tortellini soup they ordered.  Sneaky employees...they learned that the way to my heart is through food!


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