Monday, October 3, 2011

Real Thing

Anyone that knows me knows that I have been addicted to Diet Coke for, Oh, about 25 years.  I have also used artficial sweeteners for forever.

About two months ago I ran out of my sweetener and when we went to the store (WM of course), they were out...for weeks.  So I used sugar.  Then one day, one of my employees got regular Coke by accident, so I traded with her and lied about drinking reg. coke.  It sat there for days and I drank it out of despaeration one day.  I could swear it is the nectar of the gods!

I have now given up the sweeteners, diet coke, and ugghh, margarine.  We only use the real thing now.  Believe it or not, I have lost weight (lost sleep too, but that's another matter)  I only allow myself one coke a day, and I'm very sparing with the sugar.  Butter, is another story.  Butter is awesome on everything!


Leanne said...

Have you tried butter and peanut butter toast? It's delicious! Or butter and jam toast? Also yummy. I say congrats on giving up the fake stuff. Sugar and butter (in limited proportions) are amazing.

There is a great icing recipe too that is cream cheese, butter, sugar, cocoa powder and coffee. I don't remember the exact proportions but like many things, it's delicious!

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