Sunday, January 9, 2011

Post holiday

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all that stuff. As I'm watching the pancake sized snowflakes accumulate on the ground, I realize I still haven't posted the pics from Christmas. What else is new.
We had a great Christmas, in fact, we had a Big Easy Christmas. We met GrandPa Sute and Page in New Orleans. In spite of the fact that it was butt cold, it was a lot of fun!
The Boys On Bourbon Street...sounds like a song doesn't it.

Here is the view from the top of our hotel.

We went to the World War II museum and the boys had a ball! Here is Cody in the air raid shelter.

AJ looks even less enthused than Cody. Maybe he was trying to look serious. All I know is that I watched a middle aged woman try to squeeze in the opening and decided that my fat ass was NOT going to pose in there.

Cafe Du Monde was a must for the trip. The boys went years ago but they didn't remember. I sat between Grandpa Sute and Mr. Plantfreak...between the two fo them I looked like I had been in a snowstorm with all the powdered sugar they spilled.
It might look sunny but it was ff-freaking cold !

After New Orleans we headed to Picayune to see my Mom-in-law. We ate tons of fabulous food and I got to go to one of my favorite places; Hudson's salvage, not the original but the store in Picayune. I miss that place. Talk about treasure hunting!
I'm still recuperating from all the food! We ate at a place called Cochon's down from the museum and it was awesome. They have some adventurous dishes! I, however, chicken out and played it safe. AJ had the fried boudin and loved it...and he's picky one! He also tried alligator at Ralph and Kacoo's and found a new fave dish. Another great place to try is Acme Oyster , if you go try the chargrilled oysters, but prepare to faint it's so good.


Carla said...

Snowing here too, New Orleans is on our bucket list, we've been, but just a drive thru:)

Plant Freak said...

I grew up road tripping to N.O. and I dearly love it. I already want to go back.

Rastreator said...

Beautiful blog, Congratulations!!!

maxime said...

it's a wonderful holiday. i love it! amazing..
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