Monday, December 20, 2010

Next Birthday!

So I had my kids a year and three days me crazy. Most people do. AJ's birthday was saturday and we went out to eat and did a little shopping. The boys got money from Grandpa Sute and Page and when the boys put that money together with what was earned from working for me at the greenhouse (AJ earned the lion's share), they were able to purchase the dreaded XBOX!

I gave AJ a video camera in hopes that it will get him outside. We'll see. We knew AJ was special at an early age. He's my giant manbaby. He talks strangely, he's a little overweight (we're working on that), is behind in learning (it is an absolute beating everyday to try to keep him focused on school), and has the most incredible imagination!

.Here is my little Lord Fauntleroy at his second Christmas.
Tub Time!

AJ at his first birthday

What was I thinking with that hat!

Love you Fruity Pie.


Carla said...

SO cute! Mine were close too, they gripe, I don't really care. Wasn't planned that way, not really. What a cutie! I love the hat!

Plant Freak said...

I'm so glad mine were close. It cost me my mental health, but they went through everything together. I wouldn't have the energy to start it all over again!