Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last Ditch Attempt

I'm going to attempt to post regularly...again. Otherwise, I may shut down the blog. I can't stand the guilt of knowing that I should be writing something but not getting to it.

It's Spring at the paying job and the crazies are out! Sometimes it's all we can do not to beat our heads against the wall. Since Phyllis left we are shorthanded and with it being the busy season the nursery has been in absolute chaos! I've been working more but it's taken a toll on the housekeeping that's for sure.

It's also busy season for The Garden Sage! We sold plants at the Gypsy Market Festival and has a fabulous time. Everyone wants to know where our shop is located! If only. Next up is the Mineola May Days and it's a three day event.

In other news, my brother and his family moved to Texas. It's good to have some family here...and they are as anti-social as we are so there is no crowding. Otherwise, Oregon would looking good roght now.

My stepdaughter Corynn is in town for an extended visit and she has been a big help! We put her to work in the greenhouse and she definitely gets the job done.

I made more cakes but I'm waiting on the pics from my friend so I can show you. One cake was a purse and the other was a shobox with a high heel on top.

My sister-in-law and I created some containers for the festivals and they turned out pretty cute!

Chat with ya'll soon...I hope.


Rhondal McLemore said...

don't make it a 'last ditch'....keep on posting when you can...don't feel guilty if you can't!!!

Life happens and we all understand that but LOVE LOVE LOVE checking your site!!!

Keep on keeping on sista!!! Know I am thinking of you, Love and Miss You!!!

You should come back home for the reunion!!!

Love ya,

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I understand this because it can be a lot of work to keeping up with posting to a blog, but you have a nice one and you should keep doing it to share your life :) said...

awesome container gardens!