Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Rest Of The Snow Day

We had the most fun out in the snow! Tipper had enough when he developed pom-poms on his legs.

Cody tried to make a snow angel but the dogs refused to let that happen.

Mr. Plantfreak took this gorgeous shot of the lake.

Cody finally finished his snowman. The dogs kept "helping" him by knocking it down.

Even AJ joined in on the fun. ...and didn't get pissed when he got smacked with a snowball or two. I just wish he had put on a jacket!
He rolled around in the snow and loved every second of it. The boys stayed out there for hours! Mr. Plantfreak went in early and made breakfast for us. I made snow ice cream , and it tasted like really cold powdered sugar. At first. The school finally came to their senses and cancelled classes for the day.
Yep, we enjoyed our little bit winter!

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