Sunday, December 20, 2009

Well, since it seems I'm only doing monthly posts...let me give you a rundown on all my doings.

Since November I have sold 59 dozen cookies (I've made way more). It just kind of snowballed and I love it when people have happy tummies.

Cody turned 16 this past Tuesday. It's killing me, I want that cute little toddler that loved getting hugs from Mommy and looked at everything with curiosity and wonder.

AJ turned 15 on Friday. We went out to eat and it was actually enjoyable!

I'm still scrambling to get presents in the mail, get outfits for our out of town trip, clean house, blah,blah,blah!

I worked at the paying job and let me tell you the crazies are out! I had a lady trying to read me bible verses on the phone (she called looking for a pomegranite tree).

I had two different people come in and want to buy pieces of a plant, not the whole thing, just a piece. That's called pinching and you do it when no one is looking. Jeesh.

But really, the cookies are what have done me in. Mark says I'm in the wrong business. Maybe I can open a bakery, hmmmm....

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