Monday, August 31, 2009

Have You Missed Devil Dog?

I know I haven't posted lately about Devil Dog, but trust me...she has been busy!
Let's start with her ball playing! Notice the baseball? My boys don't play baseball (but the neighbor's boy does).

Now let's move on to the craters she dug all over the yard. To be fair though, the other dogs have helped quite a bit.

Remember Devil Dog and the greenhouse? Well, she moved on to the irrigation system that Mr. Plantfreak set up. We had to remove the entire thing!

This is our kitten Jasper I found in the woods with DD covered in slobber and mud. He took three days to recuperate. DD said she was just playing. Hmph!

Here is the first shoe DD brought home. I don't even know where there is a little girl around here. DD is such a dang thief!

And yet another one! Not to mention the men's sandal that I found down the driveway. My friend Priscilla says I should put out a lost and found box at the end of the driveway. Good idea but then they will know who took their stuff. DD just might get herself shot one of these days!

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Kathy said...

Love Devil Dog...too funny!